Functions, Concepts And Principles Of Assessment In Learning And Development

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1. What are the functions, concepts and principles of assessment in learning and development?
(1.1, 1.2)
The function of assessment is a way to measure a learner’s competence against agreed standards and criteria. The awarding body of the particular qualification will have an assessment strategy what will state which criteria needs to be met to complete the mandatory and optional units and the best method for acquiring the evidence. A range of methods will be used to judge whether a candidate has demonstrated the skills, knowledge and understanding to be competent against the criteria.

The assessor will need to ask themselves if the assessment process when put into practice will be:

Fair – the given activities during
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The assessor is responsible to carry out a risk assessment to safeguard the learner during assessment and establish any risks which may occur during the assessment activities in the work place. While there is always a possibility of risk in any every day occurrence, the assessor has a duty of care to notify of the risk and advice of the possible outcome regarding safety. It is the assessor’s responsibility to ensure all documentary evidence is kept safe during external assessments and data kept secure.

Any assessor who works with vulnerable adults or children will be required to have a criminal records bureau check before being allowed to work in that occupational area. The check will identify any unsuitable person and must be used to protect and safe guard adults and children at risk.

The disability discrimination act legislated that no disabled person should be discriminated against because of a disability, whether it is a physical or mental impairment. In 2002 and 2005 the act was extended to include educational organisations. This meant that suitable provisions must be made for disabled persons to overcome any physical barriers and not be treated less favourably because of their disability. The initial assessment should clarify if the learner has any particular learning needs or disabilities to ensure equality and diversity needs are met.
The assessor has a duty to ensure no learner is