Essay on Functions of Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle

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Functions of marketing
´The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself´ *
In 2007 Perfetti Van Melle had a turnover of € 1.83 billion worldwide, for the Benelux it was € 280 million. Of this € 280 million 10-15% goes to marketing, this shows that marketing is a big part of the company. Perfetti Van Melle is a family owned company, and the family is still very involved in the marketing process.
1. Marketing strategy
Marketing strategy is the marketing logic by which the business unit hopes to achieve its marketing objectives. Marketing strategy had three interdependent parts: segmenting markets into groups that can be served, ways of developing advantageous
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The campaign created the desired ‘buzz’ amongst the target audience and raised awareness of the brand. Another important thing Perfetti van Melle is focusing on is to make their products more desirable. Packaging and the availability of the product plays a big part as well. They try to make sure there products are available in enough shops and preferably on eye level in the shelfs. The presentation of the product is very important because confectionery is a impulse bought product.
Before they start with the promotional process PvM defines the objectives. Here a few examples:
• Do we want to increase the number of people who buy this product? This means they have to reach new customers and find a way to make them interested in the product.
• Do we want to increase penetration? This strategy is most often used by businesses wishing to enter a new market or expand their relatively small market share.
• Do we need to change volume? Retailers want this more and more but will help reach the set goals.
• What to do for consumer promotion?
• Do we need to build the brand and make it more seductive?
Anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a want or need. It includes physical objects, services, persons, places, organizations and ideas. Perfetti Van Melle offers it's confectionery to a market for