Fundamentals of Database Systems Key Assignment Essay examples

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Key Assignment Project
Fundamentals of Database Systems
June 25, 2012

Table of Contents Project Outline 4 Description of the Database Design Life Cycle (Phase 1 IP) 4 Selected Database Description 4 Tablet and Capsule Antibiotics 4 Powder and Liquid Antibiotics 5 Skin and Coat 5 A Listing And Description Of The 7 Steps Of The SDLC/DBDSL and Their Tasks 6 System Requirements Analysis and Feasibility Study 6 System Analysis 7 Code Generation and Design 9 Implementation 9 Testing 9 Maintenance 10 A Description Of The 3 Steps In Database Creation 11 (Including Conceptual, Logical, And Physical Data Modeling) 11 As It Relates To My Selected Database 14 Conceptual Model 14 Logical Model 14
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This step must be solid because any future steps in this process are founded on this step. All decisions and construction of the system are based here.
System Analysis
In this step, the design of the system would be analyzed and the database design, architecture, and functional specifications are chosen. System specifications based on decision-making processes and data needs yield design documents, both low-level and high-level, showing how the system should be constructed.
The tables, columns, indexes and keys of the database storing required data and operating applications would be identified and user and system needs are gathered. A conceptual model of the database would be created and a DBMS (database management system) is chosen. It is here, in this level of growth, that the conceptual, the logical, and the physical model may be found.
The conceptual data model (also called CDM) are often used to explore concepts for a domain. Here, there is an accurate and well-defined visual illustration of the business of an enterprise. Major components and high-level relationships with very few attributes or detail are found here. Key business information (by subject) is described here from the perspective of the data (Department of Education, Federal Student Aid, 2007).
The logical data model (also called LDM) has more detail than the CDM. All the same rules as the CDM apply here,