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Posh Pastries
Argentina Funding Proposal

Project Overview:

Posh Pastries an award-winning gourmet bakery in the United States, with a wide range menu items available for everyday or extraordinary events, will establish a franchise in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. The Posh Pastries Argentina will be located at The Florida Street, the city's most famous pedestrian street and an important commercial area. We will also have a Warehouse where the products will be fabricated and delivered to the main store and as well to supermarkets around Argentina.
The main store, will be a café-style store, with a diversified types of pastries, breads, subs, pies, coffees and natural juices, also will we carrier a catering menu, with a mix of traditional and modern, and with a cultural connection between United States and Argentina, which will allow the Argentine people to really understand the American culture, and eventually end with anti-Americanism that have been impacting the Argentine’s coffee habits for the past years.
We will be leasing a warehouse with enough space to store and produce our products with quality and it will be located in an area with easy access for deliveries of products to our main store and supermarkets in the region.
One of our main goals of this project is that our products continue to have the same quality, good service and affordable prices as our stores in the United States and in other countries that already have some franchises.
To achieve this goal, it will be necessary to hire 23 full time employees; 6 bakers, 4 people to work in the warehouse, 2 cookers, and 1 manager for the store and 1 for the warehouse, 3 waiters, 2 dishwashers, and 4 delivery drivers. We will be providing training for new hires, and a training program that will be conducted every six months to review the quality and good service in our stores.
The key to success of this operation will be the dedication to the finest quality ingredients and "make it happen no matter what" customer service, the ongoing employee education and recognition programs.
Background Information/ Statement of Purpose:

In the market for over 20 years, Posh Pastries has been making the most delicious and nutritious pastries and breads the natural way in the United States, and has established three international markets: Canada, Mexico and Italy.
In 2012, Posh Pastries started to expand its business for some countries in South America, including Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina, Argentina being the country with the greatest success in consumption of our products. At first, our products were exported to these countries to be sold in supermarket chains, but with the high demand for our products, an affiliate of our stores is scheduled to open in the city of Buenos Aires in the beginning of the year 2013, which will facilitate the export to neighboring countries and also in increasing trade between Argentina and the United States and also other countries in Latin America, providing quality products with great customer service.
Argentina is considered an emerging country, there is a legal framework that does not discriminate against foreign investments and the Argentine people has been accepting very well our pastries, since this type of food already make part of their culinary.

Project Details

Goals and Objectives:

Goal # 1 - Strengthen a cultural and business alliance between the United States and Argentina.
Objective 1.1- To end with anti-Americanism that has been impacting the Argentine’s cultural and coffee habits for the past years.
Objective 1.2- To facilitate the consumption of our products with affordable prices and quality for all people.

Goal #2- To Increase Revenue by opening new stores within Argentina and Latin America
Objective 2.1- To expand our stores to neighboring countries like Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and eventually Brazil.
Objective 2.2- To expand our stores to other cities in Argentina like Córdoba, Rosario and