Funky's Short Story

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All names have been changed to protect the identity of those in the story, yet, may sound extremely similar to said people’s actual names.
Once upon a time I worked for a “lovely” little family restaurant called Funky French Fries and Hamburgers. My experiences in said restaraunt are enough to leave one shook. I may have only worked there for six months but I can easily say I was ready to be done within the first two. The whole whole operation was run by the Hallcock family, which consisted of the owner's, Mom and Dad, their twin daughters, Thing 1 and Thing 2 (in store managers), their eldest son, Seabass, and Seabass’s wife, Quintana who was also the hiring/ scheduling manager. Dad was chill though, we have no beef.
From the very beginning I knew working at Funky’s was going to be rough. First thing when I walked in Thing 1 had no idea who I was or even that a new employee was coming in to train. So what did she do, she introduced me to another employee who clearly expressed she hated literally everything about the place and had her train me. So you can just
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There were no employee meals, and you were expected to pay for literally everything. Not even a side of ranch went unnoticed. Even when the managers, particularly Seabass, weren't at the restaurant they were still constantly checking the cameras and watching the employees. If you even so much as stopped moving and “finding something to do” for 5 minutes you could expect a phone call. Oh, and there was no such thing as a sick day. You had to find someone to cover your shift or show up and bear through it. If you didn’t show up it was automatic termination. There is so much more I could go on about but I really wouldn’t be able to fit it into two pages so I’ll keep the examples to a minimum. Overall, the whole time I worked for this family I felt like my work was never even