Furious Love Essay

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Paris Sykes
Mr. Plutko
23 September 2013
Learning is Fantastic
Furious Love is kind of like having a strong passion for things that make us happy. It is what we live for it feeds our soul. Sometimes we do things that we may not understand, because for the most part when we act out it’s a reflection of our endeavored love for someone or something. Unlike Americas values and morals are jumbled what we value is redundant. Money seems to be the main focus to the government. There are other issues in this country besides money problems, but the furious love that is abided through/by America is power and money. This is part of the reason why our country is so distorted. We focus on the little issues and not the mainstream ones. My furious love/ passion come from my friends. Most people would probably say their family, but for me my friends are what make me happy. I can be myself around them without them judging me. The furious love Alexie has for his culture and breaking stereotypes is different than my furious love for learning; however both require dedication and great desire.
Alexie talks a lot about stereotypes and he uses his characters to show how it affects the life of individuals, Native Americans specifically. Stereotypes is the barrier for Native Americans and it is common that they come across such offensive remarks, for example: “He is smart for an Indian boy” (129). The reservation society views Native Americans as not being educated so when they encounter one it is abnormal. Alexie uses his characters to paint a picture of his own life. There was probably times that he encountered something like this before which made him determined to break it. As an author today Alexie is successful and it is because of the desire he had to learn and prove that stereotypes can be broken:”Shit”. I was hoping you were not crazy. You were scaring me” (184). The stereotypes he came across makes him the person he is today, and he felt the need to drive and be dedicated to breaking them for his people.
Learning is not something most teenagers would admit to loving, because it is associated with school, like peanut butter and jelly,