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Justin Keys

The typeface was created by artist/typographer named Paul Renner. Renner was born in Wernigerade, Germany and died in Hodigen, Germany. Renner was raised to have a very German mindset, sense of leadership and duty. He did not enjoy the abstract art that he had seen during this time and also disliked most of the modern types of art as jazz, cinema, and dancing. When Renner created Futura he was bridging the gap and attempting to fuse the gothic and roman typefaces. Renner was a member of the German Work Federation, He wrote multiple works, but two of his major works were (Typography as Art) and (Art of Typography). While doing this, he created very innovative and popular guidelines for good book design. Renner created about six different type faces. The typefaces Futura was created in 1927, and is a classic example of a geometric sans serif typeface. Its original design was based on the Bauhaus design philosophy that “form follows function” Futura uses basic geometric proportions with no weight stresses, serifs, or frills, with long ascenders and descenders that give it more elegance that most of the other San serifs typefaces. Many of the letters are just the combination of two forms of the letters put together. Futura has a very wide range of weights and different styles of how the letters are produced. The most common of these font styles is Futura-1-Bold. Futura was widely used in books and other places, and went on to become one of the more popular fonts used in the 19th and 20th century. It was also later believed that other designers and type designers took his concept and