Future and Berger Handout Publicity Essay

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March 14, 2010
David Carwell
The John Berger handout Publicity image belong to the moment in the sense that they must be continually renewed and made up to date. Yet they never speak of the present. Often they refer to the past and always they speak of the future. We see the message on the street and can see when turn a corner, as a vehicle passes us. We see it on a television screen whilst waiting for the commercial break to end. We can know that advertisement is a part can’t lack in the life; therefore there are many messages of some companies on the screen can help people know about the products of that companies. I think it should be written on my paper because it’ll help my paper make up the idea to be a good one. The ideas in the passage could be used in my paper. Compare the image of publicity and paintings in this book, or take a picture magazine, walk down a smart shopping street looking at the window displays, and then turn over the page of an illustrated museum catalogue, and notice how similarly messages are conveyed by the two media. A systematic study needs to be made of this. Here we can do no more than indicate a few areas where the similarity of the devices and aims is particularly striking. The ideas in the passage could be used in my paper because we should compare some pictures to understand clearly and can post the picture to ads. I see the advertisements are posted everywhere and that is a way to make everyone know about the companies. Money is life. Not in the sense that without money you starve. Not in the sense that capital gives one class power over the entire lives of another class. But in the sense that money is the token of, and the key to, every human capacity. The power to spend money is the power to live. According to the