Future and early Childhood Essay

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As a child grows older he or she becomes similar to a person they admire. Someone important that has influenced me and made me the person I am today would be my uncle. During my early childhood, my father was a very busy entrepreneur and was rarely home. Despite him being my father, I would see him maybe once or twice a week for a very short period of time. My mother was a hard working pharmacist and was still building her career. Both of my parents were constantly busy and never around. I was put with my uncle for most of my early childhood, he was also a entrepreneur like my father but he would take out a lot of time from his career to spend time with me. He did not have a son of his own so as I was being raised he would treat me as if I were his own child. He was a kind and openhearted person who would donate almost half of his salary to charity and other organizations that would help the poor and homeless. He would only keep enough just paying for his expenses. When I turned seven years old I asked him one day why he did what he did and how he was home more than my father even though they both were in the same business. He replied saying he did it to help those who are not fortunate enough to have a family of their own. His response had a great impact on me and today I see those unfortunate people in the world the same way my uncle used too. He taught me that being rich and wealthy does not always make a man superior than other people, but it shows the difference in the