Future and Exploring Different Ideas Essay

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Arswanakee Magee
January 15, 2014
Narrative Essay
Goals after College Exploring different ideas and beliefs when becoming an obstetrician, has taken a major turn on my life. I have imagined becoming a specialized doctor for women in today’s society for many years. Making decisions are valuable to me and so is my future career. Dedication is not the only thing that is needed to be motivated throughout the full process I have ahead of me. Making decisions to build a home, purchasing my office, marriage commitment, and being an obstetrician is a task! Although I am starting fresh out of college, all things are possible. Only time, dedication, and commitment are essential. Wondering what I would be doing next would not be hard as I put my best foot forward. After finding a job after school, my plans are not just about the money. I also want to be able to find stability and comfort before starting to work on anything else. How could I be able to keep things in place without stability? Many special obstacles come along in life after you have been committed for a long period of time. Marriage is one of my goals to achieve after I have found my job and stability. Being able to share a moment with a person you absolutely adore would be wonderful. Not even to mention more blessings coming into my life as doors open up. Marriage is very essential and very valuable to me. Fulfilling my dreams in the future will be wonderful. For example, building a house with the one you love and truly desire. My home is