Future and Jon Osterman Essay

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Brandon Kahen
Mr. Schad
11R English
27 March 2011
Watchmen Chapter Four 1. On page one Dr. Manhattan says, “all we ever see of stars is there old photographs”. He draws a metaphor between old photographs and stars because stars are so far away that we only see an old image of them. 2. Jon Osterman is named Dr. Manhattan because it a name given to him by his marketing manager. They think the name will raise fear in America’s enemies because of it association with America and its ability to strike fear into enemies. 3. Janey Slater’s main criticism of Jon is that he is cheating on her because she is aging and he is not. She feels that Jon no longer loves her because she is getting older but he is not aging. Janey also criticizes Jon for not stopping the shooting of the president when he was able to see the future. Jon feels like he doesn’t want to change the coarse of history and therefor cant change what he sees in the future. 4. On page 17, Jon and Janey’s speech bubbles in panel 4 are drawn with dotted lines instead of solid ones because it was the first time Janey noticed that thing were changing between them. It was the first time that she realizes Jon is interested in other woman and he is outgrowing her. 5. According to Rorschach, costume heroes fight crime because as long as there is crime and as long as there are criminals, masked heroes are needed. Rorschach believes that he will be fighting crime for as long as he lives because there will be criminals as long as he lives. 6. The keens act is a law that outlaws costumed heroes from being active any longer. The three people exempt from the keene act are Dr. Manhattan, the comedian and Rorschach. Dr. Manhattan and the comedian are still active and exempt from the keene act because they work for the government. On the other hand Rorschach is still active because he doesn’t care for the keene…