Future Career Research Paper

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1. What career did you choose? What are three facts about your career you learned throughout this project that helped you make a decision whether or not to pursue it in the future? Be sure to include specific items (career appropriate terminology).
I choose paramedic. I learned that I could be qualified for multiple different occupations and also the different paths in the medical field I could follow.
2. Will you pursue this career in the future? Why or why not? If you are not planning to pursue this career, what is another field you are interested in as a career? Explain?
I want to pursue this career in the future. I have been around and helping out an ambulance garages for a while. Another field in this career that I am interested in is
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What was your favorite thing about yesterday's Expo? Explain.
My favorite thing would probably be talking about my career that I chose. This is because I have been interested in the medical field and letting people know what my job would consist of could help them choose their future career path.
4. What was the most difficult thing about yesterday's Expo? Explain?
The most difficult thing yesterday was choosing what to say. I say this because there was a lot to say in a short amount of time and to keep the people interested while I was talking.
5. How will this project benefit you in the future? Be specific. Examples could include research skills, organizational skills, resume/cover letter writing, presenting, etc.
I think this project will most benefit me in this career by helping me chose what job I am going to do. I am still deciding if I want to go to school for small engines or to be a paramedic.
6. What can we do to make this project even better for next year’s sophomore? Be specific.
Keep everything organized and planned neatly.
7. What is the best advice you can give to next year's sophomores?
Get as much work done as you can in a single day and the days after that. You will need the extra time checking over your paper and preparing your