Future Effects of Global Warming Essay

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Little Abby was in school one day learning about the future effects global warming could have on Earth, later that day she came home from school and told her mom a story all about the changes that could occur from global warming and climate change. She says that when water gets warmer the sea level will rise causing large amounts of land to disappear and many people needing to move away and find new homes. A lot of islands will disappear and many areas will flood. Sea walls will need to be built to protect cities and roads from the rising water. After the sea walls are created we will no longer be able to enjoy going to the beach because the walls will be blocking off any anything from getting to the coast near the seas. Also the climate change and the warmer weather will cause a decrease in snow in the high mountains this can create severe water shortages. When the climate changes rapidly populations can begin to have limited resources and when resources are limited it causes famine and disease outbreaks. Air pollution is another main affect causing damage to lungs and causing death all over the world. Abby also informed her mom of another major problem caused by global warming. This is the break of the food chain. When the water becomes warmer this kills the algae that lives in the water. Algae is a main food source for fish and other creatures that live in the ocean, without it they will not be able to survive causing a major gap in the food chain. At the end…