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The response from the interviewee, Mr. Mazher Hussain, based on the topic security issues of using social media in workplace was that he says mostly the organization where he is working are making use of social media for internal as well as external communication. As for the external communication, it proves to create a good relationship with the customers and helps in marketing of the products whereas for internal communication the organization sends e-mail or large files within the organization. Giving access to employees for using Social media in the organization, he discuss 2 sides of a coin, positive and negative, of the positive side he says that using social media while at work is that there is a possibility for employees taking help from his/her colleagues in terms of their work instead of sitting idle and get the things done and the negative side according to him is that employees may waste their time busy watching YouTube and not concentrating on their work and in future social media can become a hindrance and also adds that with the help of social media there might be a danger of losing important information assets of the organization. In his organization, the social media such as LinkedIn is used as to recruit the employees which in his point of view proved to be positive for his company but then he says that up to certain extent it is good unless the organization may not make a misuse of those information. Finally he concludes by saying that with the wide range use of these new technologies there might be a number of challenges in relation to effective protection and governance of data throughout the lifecycle but an organization can achieve a competitive advantage by