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Ce’Desia Burgess
May 2, 2014
Future Leader Scholarship Essay
The question of the hour asks “What do you personally feel is the biggest challenge for your generation in South Carolina and across the country? As a leader what steps would you take to address that?” Reflecting on the questions above, I feel as if my generation is growing apart and becoming too dependent on technology. Steve Jobs once said, “Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have faith in people.” Though the founder of Apple Computers has changed the world through his technological innovations, he was aware that there is more to life than just the laptop and mobile phone. However, my generation thinks, or at least it appears, that technology is what makes the world go around.
Technology has become an everyday use in ones’ life. From the ways of communication to simply being used as a way to stay occupied, technology is an easy access to almost anyone. Even toddlers have their own little tablets to keep them preoccupied while the adults are glancing at their smart phones. Because of technology, mobile devices in particular, our generation tends to shut off from the world and avoid human interaction. Technology has the potential to create a virtual network, but it often comes at the expense of personal connections.
Many of the younger generations don’t realize how truly blessed they are to come up in a time such as this, where they have so many resources to use to better themselves. I myself did not grow up with the luxury of owning a computer. Instead, I used what I had and because I did then, now I don’t necessarily stress when my normal sources of information, such as a computer, aren’t in reach as some others do simply because I obtain the knowledge of book research. I believe as a leader, I can show the younger children how important it is to incorporate the past knowledge of