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Future Olympian

Carmia, you will be in lane 1, Dee Dee, Lane 2, Jenny, Luz and Katya so on. I want you to practice your diving and your routines so it is perfect for tomorrows competition, and I also want you guys to be in your team swim suits said Coach Miller. ‘You will all be doing 1 by 1 dives so first Carmia, then Dee Dee, Jenny, next Katya you go after Jenny, lastly Luz and I want it to be quick’. Carmia, Dee Dee, Jenny, Katya and Me all were entered into a swimming competition. In our swimming team there were 9 people but Lucy could only choose 5 for the competition because that was how many lanes the rules suggested. Coach Miller chose Dee Dee, Carmia, Katya, Jenny and Me because we were the fastest swimmers and had been learning swimming for a long time. As some other girls dived continuously, Coach called the other members of team. So as we swam they may cheer us on from the side lines. The other 5 selected girls from the other team started on their swimming. Nobody was ill or injured on the competition day. Everything went fairly until our team; The Conrad Swim Team had to verse Skyline Swim Team. Both the teams had been sworn enemies and it was said that SHS were known to cheat for the winning prize every year. Additionally, SHS had the strongest young swimmers in the competition. Coach and our team huddled up to discuss what to do. I was fastest at swimming; Katya was strong at swimming, Dee Dee was strong and fast at free-style, Jenny had the best technique in all the strokes. Quite Jenny said, Luz is the fastest at swimming in any stroke. Strong at it and had perfect technique. Dee Dee you are going to do free-style with Katya. SHS is sending Jennifer and Monique. You both give your 100% best okay? Do it for fun but do it for us. Ruiz 2
You will win if you just have fun and belive. The guys and mostly I have faith us. Now lets go, take your marks and make Coach proud. SHS and our coach, send our two best swimmers ready to take our marks in 1 minute bellowed the speaker. At the diving block, Jenny and Dee Dee both got a view of Jennifer and Monique right next to them. All four dived in at the same time. Dee Dee overtook Monique by a meter and Jenny? She had already finished ¾ of the- no, she had finished the whole 50 meters already. Jenny, how did you do that? I came 2nd