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Future of Organization Design
Keiosha Cooper
November 10, 2014
Lisa Cree
As the world continues to develop and technology continues to expand, organizational design must be able to expand along with the times and be able to meet the essentials of the organization and the individuals that are employed at that company. This paper will try to offer an examination of an article that speaks about the future of organizational design. The paper will in addition will recap the content of the article and observe the future of organizational design.

Future of Organization Design

There is no method to predict how companies will be designed in the future, but there are limited developments that can provide some perception (Jex & Britt, 2008). Current advances in technology are at present modifying the way numerous organizations are currently conducting business and will carry on into the future (Jex & Britt, 2008). Several companies have expanded globally, the need to manage and assimilate individuals into their existing organization design (Jex & Britt, 2008).

The article that was used is focus on demonstrating exactly how the designs of corporations are shifting because of the nature of the employee’s work profiles have been changed. This study describes one organization in precise and how their Future of Work platform emphases diverse working patterns, reassuring human resource guidelines, and how technology can escalation an individuals’ occupational awareness. This study also indicates that by applying certain elements can provide an advanced level of employee gratification.

Examination of Article

This article does an exceptional job at presenting how the Future of Work platform has benefited Capital One’s global organization. During the course of organizational psychology the design and principles have impacted on an individual’s performance and the achievement of the organization. This study also demonstrates that organizations need to keep up with the present times. A main element the study states is that human resource frontrunners and organizers of the organization need to pay consideration to the demographics of the workforce are changing. Age, gender, and race have a character in how the organizational design should look if it is going to be significant to sustain in the future. Capital One’s program has established when you proposition occupation that are designed for specific employees you are able to attract those who are knowledgeable and qualified for the job.

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