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Chris Gill
Future Statement Unit 5 Assign 1
Mr. Earle

Tron comes to Life…

The advancement of video gaming has taking off in an unmeasurable fashion and from my point of view I don’t see it stopping anywhere in the near future. I actually see the future of video gaming to not only support the kid in all of us with entertainment, but also provide training for real life situations so in the time of panic or certain scenarios you would know how to properly react, this could be from flight simulations with pilots, to military training but enough with the technical stuff, let’s focus on the fun. One of the major things that gets associated with video gaming and the way to make it better than the last is the overall experience. Just think, if there was a way to fully incorporate you (the player) into the game as if you’re the main character that would be revolutionary, these options have been attempted previously from the first models of virtual boy, to implementing the vibration with rumble packs on Nintendo 64 and last the most up to date form would be the visual lens that is provided with either the Kinect (Xbox 360 & Xbox 1) or the Wii technology from Nintendo. The new technology has definitely managed to take up some of my time through the day however I have a feeling that gaming is on its way to a new plateau and I don’t think it’s that far away. A company by the name of Cyberith is actually in the making of creating a full body joystick in which will allow the player to be fully engaged in the video game while playing (Wainwright,2014). This is going to bring the era of joysticks to an end. Imagine actually being inside the video game where you have full control over the objects you walk over and how much noise you make while navigating through a stealth mission on your favorite first person shooter, Awesome right? This not only is going to impact us (as in gamers) in a entertainment way but who is to say that the evolution of gaming could not also produce a major spin off and assist with others things particularly medical advances. Until the day that this comes I will still enjoy my joystick however just knowing