Essay on G12 Eng 1984 Reflection

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1984 Reflection

Justin Duff

Mr. Fraser
February 22, 2015

My product, the spy pen, supports the will of the party by helping people record and report suspicious behaviour they see around them. The audience for this advertisement is all "good" citizens but more specifically aimed at the younger generation because they have been brainwashed since birth, and are more easily manipulated by the party. Those who truly love and believe in Big brother would feel obligated to do their part for the party.
Outer party is the target market, they would report on each other. Where as the Proles would not be targeted as much, because they are less likely to report on one another, and the party has little interest in what the would be talking/thinking about anyway. Also the Inner Party would have little concern with the members of their own network, so they probably would not buy the pen.
The Proles represent about 75% of the population, but are very poor. The Inner Party controls much of the wealth, as well as political power. The Inner Party wants to make sure this doesn't change so they use tools such as alcohol and pornography to distract the Proles and keep them just content enough to prevent them from realizing what is going on. The Inner Party wants to keep them uneducated and uninformed and so uses these tools to achieve this goal.
I chose this product because I feel that it is an innovative product that could help Big Brother and the Inner Party in achieving these goals. It is appealing to its target audience and is affordable to buy. Therefore, it would likely be very popular. Using the product would make them feel good…