G4 Project

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What is the G4 project?
Collaboration between all branches of the science. This should be fun and engaging. We want you to focus more on the process than the product. This is your chance to design and collect data without the pressure of a major lab write-up. Anyone taking a science will be required to participate to earn credit for the course.
You are required to attend an introductory meeting : time and location to be announced.
To prepare for the meeting on and make the process more productive, please spend some time thinking about a possible project. Come into the meeting with SOME idea of what sounds interesting for you to investigate. You will try to test the effect of one variable on another. For example , what is the effect of different types of rubber material on the impact strength of a sling shot. Be creative and communicate with your mentor.
REMEMBER: This is about the fun of science and conducting experiments, not so much about the product!
Equipment list

As well as normal laboratory equipment, there is some specialized equipment that you might want to use.

Complete a detailed materials request form that clearly outlines everything you will require to conduct your experiments. This can be obtained from your teachers.

It is the responsibility of the whole group to return this lab equipment clean and in good order and to follow safety procedures.

Safety goggles & gloves
Mortar and pestle
Laptop computer
Sample jars.
Data logging PROBES
Zip-lock bags for samples