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GEA 2000 Fall 2013
Exam # 1 Review Questions*

Introduction chapter and Globalization (PPT)
1. Alfred Wegener's supercontinent is known as:

2. The process by which a tectonic plate consisting of less heavy rock rides up over a heavier plate is known as:

3. The current interglacial period is known as the:

4. Which water body is surrounded by a geologically-active Ring of Fire:
The Pacific Ocean

5. Which of the following locations is not one of the world's great population clusters?
Easter North America (1/4 size the smallest of the Eurasian concentration)
Major population Clusters: East Asia, South asia, Europe (more than 3.7M =54%

6. Which of the following statements
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The Southwest is a tri-cultural region comprised of:
Native Americans, Hispanics,

20. The three-pronged foundation of the Southwest is: electricity, water,

21. The fastest-growing large metropolitan area in the U.S. is:
Las Vegas

22. The North American region in which First Nations have the greatest interest is:
Northern Frontier “Nunuvute”

23. The North American region that is most dependent upon the extraction of raw materials is the:
Northern Frontier

24. The North Slope of Alaska contains large quantities of:
Oil, mining, forests, gas and fishing

25. The most important factor in the growth of the Pacific Northwest has been:
Cheap hydroelectric power

26. Which of the following regions of the North American realm is most impacted by growing post-industrial development and globalization?
Technopole (innovates, promotes and manufactures the products of the post-industrial informational economy)

Chapter 4: Middle America
1. A narrow strip of land connecting two larger land bodies is known as a(n): isthmus 2. Which of the following is/is not located in the Greater Antilles?
Is : Cuba,Hispaniola,Jamaica, Puerto Rico
Is not: Trinidad, Bahamas, Guadalupe, Martinica, Dominica, Santa Lucia…

3. As a group, the islands of Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico constitute:
The Greater Antilles

4. Which of the