GRT task 2 Essay

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Task 2
Melissa Robinson
March 21, 2015

A1. Threonine is an essential amino acid that is classified as slightly polar due to its hydroxyl group and the ability to easily donate a hydrogen atom. This as well makes it hydrophilic and often will saturate the outer region of a water soluble protein. They hydroxyl side chain can undergo glycosylation by adding saccharides and phosphorylation by adding phosphate through the actions of threonine kinase (New World Encyclopedia, 2015).

B. Protein Structure
C. Peptide bond through dehydration

D. Peptide bond broken through hydrolysis

E. Four forces that stabilize tertiary protein structure The tertiary structure is the last shape formation that a protein undergoes and is
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For areas who have not yet established regulations, some recommendations for them to consider would be to omit any animal tissue that could potentially be infected from being used in animal feed and fertilizer. The ban should include not only livestock feed, but pet food as well. Cattle are grazing animals and could potentially come in contact with and ingest pet food or fertilized foliage that has been contaminated. It is known that humans who consume beef contaminated with the toxic prions that cause BSE can develop the human form of TSE (Helmenstine, n.d.). A simple education program for the public should be implemented warning that cooking will not destroy TSE prions; therefore, education should also include the risks associated with eating any beef that could be infected as well as eating processed meats such as hot dogs, ground products, bologna and lunch meats of an unknown source (Helmenstine, n.d.). The final recommendation would be to euthanize any cattle that exhibit symptoms of BSE and cremate the remains so that the carcass cannot be eaten by any other animal and hopefully will prevent transmission.


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