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Los Angeles International Airport
VIP Lounge
Eva is standing in front of the window, watching a plane taxiing. James enters.
"-James: Is he gone? -Eva: His plane is taxiing. What happened? After all these years, for the first time you guys were starting to get along and now you had to screw up everything? (the plane is taking off) -James: I know, I didn't meant to it was...Boom, the plane just crashed. -Eva: No! No! No!! as she's shouting and crying, she's kicking the glass James is holding her Let me go! Let me go! My baby is there... -James: (has tears in his eyes): stop it you gonna hurt yourself, everything is going to be alright, I'm here."

Los Angeles Airport
Eva is walking out of the airport with Khali and Solene followed by Mr Oussman. They enter a black SUV and leave.
"After two years of absence pop singer Eva Al-Mansur was spotted at LAX with two kids and a man. The last time we saw Eva was after the death of her son with famous actor James Carter..."

Four seasons Hotel
Eva, Khali, Solene and Mr.Oussman enter the penthouse.
"-Mr. Oussman: Here's everybody's card (he gives the card to everybody) My room is 207. I'm going to unpack then go pick up Florian at the airport. -Eva: Thank You M. Oussman. -Mr. Oussman: By the way should I must make reservations for tonight with your grandma. What do you want to eat? -Solene: I don't know, I'm hesitating between... -Khali: Sushi will do -Solene: Says who? -Khali: You are taking all your time. What time is Florian's plane landing? -Mr. Oussman: in two hours. So sushi it is. He lives the penthouse. Khali grabs his jacket takes a cigarette and starts smoking. -Eva: You guys, you can't buy cigarettes here you are underage. -Khali: It's not like they check or anything? -Eva: yes they do. -Khali: What the F so what are we supposed to do? -Solene: Don't worry it's not like if she wasn't able to buy them for us. -Eva: Lol -Solene: Then we'll take Flo's (Khali and her starts to laugh) -Khali: I'm up for some dancing tonight. -Eva: You can't buy cigarettes you think you can go clubbing? -Solene: khali you coming with me? -Khali: Sure -Eva: Where are you guys going? -Khali and Solene: Packing! -Khali: no smoking nor drinking nor clubbing wasn't in the contract I made with dad to move here going back. -Solene: So am I, this is worst than boarding school and believe me finding worst than boarding school is a full time job."

Door bell
Khali opens, James is at the door.
"-Khali: James! -James: Khali how are you doing? Nice to see you. -Khali: Really? Are we really doing this? What are you doing here? (Solene comes at the door) Giving the check for your child's funeral? well sorry to disappoint you but it was two years ago. -Solene: Even if it was today we wouldn't even be able to pay the flowers with his one dollar check. -James: Is always nice to see how loved I am in this family. -Solene: tchip all the love Eva and Nadir gave to you was enough to feed all Africa and now you want our love too? You want to feed China with it? Mr. Oussman come. -Mr. Oussman: Kids! Hello Mr Carter come on in. James enters. Florian is sat in the living room on the phone. James sits. -James: Hi Florian -Florian: hmm hmmm. Eva walks in. -Eva: James, how are you doing they kiss. -James: Doing good thank you and you? -Eva: Doing good thanks. Come let's go to the balcony we'll be better there. They walk to the balcony. So what's new? -James: Same old, How are you? How was rehab? -Eva: It was ok. I'm clean now -James: Nice. So what brings you back to L.A? -Eva: My dad thought it would be best for me to come back having my old life, by old he means work and all I was depressed and all. Plus my brothers were fooling in Paris so he thought they would be better with my grandmother around. -James: So you are going to sing again? -Eva: I'm thinking about it but I don't think so. -James: Thanks god