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Louann DorroughEnglish 101
17 September 2014Why Basketball Is One of the Most Popular Sports Worldwide.
Basketball is a sport usually played by two teams of five on an open, rectangle shaped court. Basketball is a very popular sport around the world, it is most popular in the USA. The popularity of basketball on a worldwide scale has made it the second most popular sport in the world, right behind soccer. Not only is it good for cardio, it can be a very competitive sport. You could virtually go anywhere and play. Not only is the player able to learn the game, it is also a good time passer. I cant imagine how many times by playing, has it kept me off the streets and out of danger.
Basketball it is very easy to play. This is mostly because it doesn’t require a bunch of fancy equipment and expensive utilities. All that is required is a pair of shoes, a shirt, and a pair of basketball shorts and you are good to go. A court is also required and a hoop to play on, which shouldn’t be hard to find at all. One can either practice alone, or bring some friends and play a competitive game. Make sure to know the rules first because everyone follows them.
Moving on, the game of basketball can be very fun to watch. Imagine the clock running down, two teams have the same score, and to win, one team must score a basketball to avoid sending it to overtime. As the clock continues ticking down, a player fires a shot up. Swoosh, the shot goes in, he just hit the game winner. The whole arena is going wild. Is that not a fun thing to witness? I’ve been to a lot of basketball games, and I have never in my life seen someone hit a game winning shot. It is truly a rare occurrence.Basketball is also an all-weather sport. What I mean by that is, a person can basically play