Gaga and I Essay

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Gaga and I
In August 2010, I remember looking at Lady Gaga tickets online and realizing that they were too expensive for my pocket. I looked at my bank statement and wished I had taken summer my job more seriously. A tear strolled down my golden brown cheek, as I think to myself what I did all summer instead of working. This was a nightmare coming true: Lady Gaga was coming to the United Center and I was not going to see her. I continued to stare at my computer screen in disappointment, not believing what I was seeing, $200 for general admission. What kind of high school student can afford that?
For the next three months I dreamt about what her concert would be like. I constantly checked the ticket status to see if the prices became more affordable. After three weeks of repeatedly checking, I found myself wondering what made me want to see her so badly. What is this desperate need of all these fans wanting to see her? It would just be a normal concert, right? What about this alien-like creature did the public find so fascinating? I decided to do some research and find out.
Stefani Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter and actress born and raised in New York City. She started her career performing at bars in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. After carrying her piano many times up and down her crummy apartment stairs, she was finally discovered by Streamline records in 2007, who hired her to write music for other celebrities. Gaga, who had always dreamed of stardom, was stoked that she at least had her foot in the door. She was later discovered by Akon for her adjective vocals. As soon as she was signed on, her career exploded. She became the mistress of fame and her special talents were being discovered. Along with her desire to reach out to those who felt misplaced and make them feel accepted in society, fans of “Gaga have labeled her a "fashion icon" with superb vocal and performing instincts during her concert tours. Gaga's unique look is her own creation”(Allison 2). This creation allowed her to express her desire to make this world a better place for misfits.
Known for her crazy costumes and outrageous performances, Gaga keeps the whole world guessing on what she will do next. Mother Monster as her “Little Monsters” like to call her is a keen icon who understands the fundamentals of fame. Her commitment to her fans is present in her everyday life and some would say she would die for her fans. Gaga always considers her fans before she makes any big or risky decisions. She knows how to make the whole world talk about her. Whether it is good, bad or just plain out outrageous society will always be talking about it.
Talking about Lady Gaga was something I could not stop doing, my life was completely devoted to her. Even on one cold Christmas morning when the leaves had been exchanged for snow and a fresh layer of crisp white fluff lay on the ground, she was all I could think about. My house was completely silent as my family continued to sleep. I decide to jump out of bed, excited for what gifts might be coming. I made my way down the stairs to raid the beautifully wrapped gifts that always seemed to glow under the Christmas tree. From bows to ribbons, my mom always put the extra effort into the gifts. At this point I was not worried about how the presents were wrapped, I was desperately searching for the one thing I cared about: the Gaga tickets, but I could not find a package small enough.
As soon as my parents came downstairs, my brother, sister, and I all frantically open our gifts. I was down to my last gift and I still hadn’t discovered the tickets. Right as I started to feel the first inklings of sadness my mother said, “Wait everybody we have one more gift”. She grabbed a huge box from the kitchen and the little bit of hope I had quickly disappeared. She handed me the gift, I unwrapped the huge gift to find another wrapped box and a note that reads, “Just kidding, this gift is…