Essay on Gagnes eight distinctive types of learning

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Gagne’s Eight Distinctive Types of Learning

To complete this assignment, you will need to fill in the following boxes:

1. In the first box you will identify one of Gagne’s Eight Distinctive Types of Learning.
2. In the next box you will provide a description of the Learning Type you identified.
3. In the last box you will discuss how this Learning Type does or does not apply to you and your learning.
4. Repeat steps until all Eight of Gagne’s Distinctive Types of Learning are identified, described, and discussed. Each description and discussion should be substantive and requires a minimum of 3 sentences per response.

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It forms the basic of the ability to generalize, classify. (p.79)
Concept learning does apply to me, I am always wanting more out of learning. I feel developing and having the knowledge of many things is a great benefit to have throughout life. Learning new skills is important.
Principle learning (p.79)
In simplest terms, a principle is a chain of two or more concepts. It functions to control behavior in the manner suggested by a verbalized rule of the form. “If A, then B,” which, of course, may also be learned as type 4. (p.79)
Principle learning does apply to me because In my current job I just became supervisor of my shift. Principle learning allows me to know the rules are different, yet it still allows me to adapt to the all the rules and perform my job.
Problem solving (p.79)
Problem solving is a kind of learning that requires the internal events usually called thinking. Two or more previously acquired principles are somehow combined to produce a new capability that can be shown to depend on a “higher-order” principle. (p.79)
Problem solving defiantly applies to me. I am a brain stormer and I like to have a set idea of what each situation will bring. I like to make sure each situation is resolved and taken care of in a timely manner. As a supervisor, problem solving is on my job