Gail Helgason's Short Story Bluffing

Words: 295
Pages: 2

Gail Helgason, in her short story “Bluffing”, investigates how bluffing, no matter what the person’s intentions may be, is detrimental to a relationship by ripping apart its foundation of trust needed to survive. Obviously bluffing with bad intentions is never good, especially in relationship. In the story, Liam bluff Gabriella by “pulling out a small bottle of Remy Martin, French Bread, a wedge of Camembert, and chocolate-covered almonds” (p. 74). Liam’s intentions are to manipulate her into not reaction as harshly to his news, however, this does not work as Gabriella saw through his bluff and was extremely disheartened by it, mauling the trust in their soon to be over relationship. Some might say that bluffing to a partner with good intentions—the