Gain In College

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In my position paper, I am writing on how the authors in the debate of higher education value monetary gain and do not talk about other things you can gain from college. In my essay I am focusing specifically on character development and how and why it is important. The target audience for my position essay are people involved in academia. The reason is because I am arguing that you gain more from college than just financial gain, and people within academia would be able to see this easier than anyone else. This discourse community values education because they wouldn’t be involved in education if they didn’t believe it is helpful in some way. Furthermore, my persuasive purpose for this essay is to show the reader that there is more to college than financial gain. I am …show more content…
I believe my persuasive purpose will be effective because my talking about gaining other skills you gain in college and not just being there for more money will appeal to people emotions. I am also using many details to back up my claims by going in depth to explain each of my points to show how character development is a logical skill you gain in college. Before doing my rough draft, I was unsure on what a scholarly source was. However after the rough draft I have a full understand on what scholarly sources is and how to find one. Moreover, I have learned when writing for an academic audience you should use scholarly sources. The reason is because you want to make sure you are using facts and statistics that are correct. This knew knowledge on how to find and use scholarly sources is going to help me when revising my essay and for future essay. I know fully grasp the concept that when writing for an academic audience especially for a college class you should use scholarly sources. Also, this project since it is for an academic audience your points should be clear and fully