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Article 1 The author in this article is trying to determine if video games cause violence in people. The author mentions the rampages that occurred at Columbine High School and the movie theater shooting that had happened in Colorado. The author gathered evidence from experts and study’s to figure out if these violent video games have anything to do with why people have the idea of going on rampages or having the urge to do so. The author uses evidence from quotes from experts from an economist. The author also uses evidence from lap experiments of certain violent video games. The author also used evidence from a psychologist such as quotes. The evidence the author collected from the experts show great evidence that maybe video games are not the reason people go on rampages or have the urge to do so, and that there are many factors onto why a person does what they do. The evidence also show that they may never be an answer to whether or not these violent video games increase the likeliness of a person committing a crime. This author used great evidence in this article to help a person understand whether or not video games should be blamed for a person’s actions. This article lets a person know what experts think about this topic and what professionals believe as well. This article also showed great logical connections. It was very easy for the reader to follow the article without any type of inconsistency. This author did a great job with signals to let the reader know that they are moving onto the next topic of the article. This author used words to help the reader know that the author is containing with the article. This author used words such as, sure enough, yet it is not, and at the very least. These words helped the reader follow the article without being confused. The last paragraph of this article, the author used “at the very least” which let the reader know that the author is concluding the article and it was not confusing for the reader.

Article 2
This author is trying to say that video games have become “boring” in some ways. The author is also trying to figure out if what is the fascination with violent video games and why people love them so much. The author also explains that games should have some kind of purpose to the game. The author goes on to explain some games that have some purpose to the game and what the author would like to see out of video games. The author in this article doesn’t really have any evidence. The evidence from this article is solely based on the author’s opinion. This is basically speculation on the author’s part. Not everyone will agree with the author’s opinion on this topic. The only evidence the author put in this article is from a game designer stating what the purpose of his game…