Gallstones: Liver and Present Health Issue Essay

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Gallstones can be caused by many lifestyle factors whether it be chemically or physically:
Physically our bodies may face issues such as excess cholesterol intake with in our diets. Where bile is able to normally dissolve and break down cholesterol excreted by the liver, in excess bile is unable to break it down. This is where the excess cholesterol will form into tiny crystals inside our gallbladder and eventually turn to stones if not passed.
Chemically gallstones can also be created by excess amounts of Bilirubin in your bile. Bilirubin is a chemical that is produced when red blood cells are broken down. It can also be produced in excess when certain conditions amongst the body are present, conditions including Cirrhosis, Biliary tract infections and some types of blood disorders which can lead to the growth of stones.
If your symptoms suggest that gallstones may be a present health issue, precautions must be taken to ensure in the correct diagnosis. When visiting your doctor, usually the first step in diagnosing gallstones may involve a skin examination to see if ­­­­­jaundice is present.
Jaundice is also known commonly as icterus; where the skin, along with the whites of the eyes (sclerae) turns yellow in color. Caused by an excess of bilirubin in the blood- Hyperbilirubinemia. Along with tenderness, felt in the abdomen. Usually applying pressure to the abdomen will indicate presence of gallstones as area when gall stones are present will cause discomfort to patient and can be quite painful depending on how large the gallstones are.

Tests used to diagnose gallstones include:
Tests to create pictures of your gallbladder: The most common method is to undergo an ultra sound. Where high-frequency sound waves are able to penetrate through the skin and create images of the gall bladder and the bile duct. These images help us to visually look into our internal structures and view their contents. Along with CT scans where doctors/nurses are able to look at the anatomy of our internal organs.
Checking bile ducts for gallstones:When gallstones are lodged into a bile duct a test known as ERCP is undergone. This allows doctors to look at the bile duct through a small flexible tube known as an endoscope. Where the patients throat is sprayed with anesthetic drug that prevents the gag reflex and sedates the patient, where the tube can be freely…