Galveston Beach Hotel: Packing List And Useful Info

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Galveston Beach Hotel
1702 Seawall Blvd
Galveston, TX 77551
(409) 762-4141

Packing List and Useful Info…

1. Instrument, music, Concert band uniform (dress or tux), black socks, black shoes, tuxedo shirt, bow tie, cummerbund

2. Suitcase (1 only)
Comfortable clothes for a 4 day trip (appropriate to represent HHS Band and school dress code)
Comfortable walking shoes!!!!!!!!!
The days will be warm (possibly hot) – dress appropriately in school clothes. Tank tops will be allowed if the strap is 1 inch thick or more (no halter tops). Do not wear short shorts (you will be asked to change shorts). Go online to check the Galveston 7 Day Forecast before packing for the trip.

3. Travel Bag (To carry on the bus – must fit in the overhead shelf or under the seat)
Blanket, sweats, and pillow – bus will be kept cold!
Camera (if desired)
Cap or hat
Medication (check in with one of the directors before loading the bus)
Sunglasses/Contacts & solution/glasses (if applicable)
Appropriate Swimwear, ***SUNSCREEN***, water shoes or flip-flops, towel, and more sunscreen – no string or spaghetti strap bikini’s, thongs, or Speedo’s (girls will be asked to wear a t-shirt/cover-up if the bikini is inappropriate or too revealing). At the hotel swimming pool their rules state that you may NOT wear cut-offs. WE ARE STAYING AT A NICE HOTEL – BE VERY COURTEOUS OF OTHER GUESTS BECAUSE WE GOT A GREAT DEAL AND THEY ARE PAYING A LOT OF MONEY TO STAY THERE.

Keep your money with you at all times – not in a wallet or purse in the overhead shelves of the bus.

Do not bring ANYTHING that will break your heart if it gets lost or stolen! HISD or the Hutto Band Staff is not/will not be responsible for any personal items lost or stolen (including electronics, games & cell phones).

4. Pillow & snacks for the bus ride down and back. The bus company doesn’t allow glass containers/bottles.

5. Spending $$$$$ as desired……
Almost all of the meals are provided in the cost of the trip. You will need money for two or three lunches or snacks – on the way down & back and one meal while we are there. Basically (while in Galveston) all you’ll need is money for one meal per day (approx. $10 ea.) and souvenirs.

6. Phones – Long distance phone service will be turned off in your individual hotel rooms. Calls home will need to be made at night when we get back to the hotel and BEFORE 11pm curfew. You may bring your cell phone, but check your calling plan before