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Title of Paper

Name of Author(s) and University Affiliation

Abstract (Major Heading)

This is a template which contains the style formatting required for all paper submissions. Authors can use the style settings contained within this document (see Format on the menu bar and choose 'styles and formatting' by overwriting the text on this page and save as a Word document (.doc). This template is designed to simplify the formatting process, allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of the paper—the content—and aid in publication.

Abstract should be limited to around 100 words with a limit of ten lines. The abstract should provide a brief summary of the paper, highlighting key themes of the paper, including findings and conclusions, and written in a compelling way to stimulate further interest by readers. Abstracts exceeding ten (10) lines will be sent back to the author(s) for editing. Compliance to the line limit is required to facilitate standardisation of the publication of the abstract proceedings booklet.

Major Heading (e.g. Introduction)

The maximum length of competitive papers is five (5) pages, inclusive of all figures, tables, technical appendices, etc. Pages required to list the references are in addition to the five-page limit for competitive papers. This template provides correct formatting of the font, font size, page margins and headings. Please make sure you refer to the guidelines on the Conference website ( for full details on content order, figures and numbers, number in the text, referencing, etc.

Papers must be submitted electronically via the ANZMAC 2008 website and must be received by Friday 27 June 2007. Competitive papers must be submitted for review in only one (1) track. Hence, authors should identify the most suitable track relative to the subject matter of the paper. Where multiple entries of the same paper are received, author’s risk that their preferred track for the paper may not…