Essay on Game and Positive Role Model

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5 ways of a positive role model:

• Following instruction – In placement I have been doing as I have been asked to and I have been doing it correctly such as photocopying, putting up displays, mopping/sweeping up the floors near the water/sand tray, laminating or cutting out templates and making resources. By doing this the children can then see that I am doing whats been asked of me without complaining or ignoring whats been said, this then shows them that its important for them to do as they have been told. I have been asked to help tidy away or clear things away into boxes, as the children have seen me do this they have also joined in to help me or they have listened to the teacher and have done what she has asked them.

• Help to clear away – I have been clearing away after myself after I have been making resources, doing craft activities or cutting out templates. Washing up the paint brushes/pots at the end of the week or after a craft activity as well as putting the used newspaper in the bin and wiping down the tables. Helping the children to tidy away the toys and showing them where it goes so they can tidy away easier instead of putting them in places they shouldn’t be, by helping them the children become more involved because they see its right that I am tidying. When the children are on the carpet for group/story/home time I help to clear away any of the toys left around on the floors so the supervisors can focus on the children. If I see sand/water on the floor I help to sweep/mop it up to prevent any accidents from happening to the children/staff. Picking up any pencils/felt tips to stop accidents from happening.

• Working in a team – I do what has been asked of me such as photocopying, putting up displays, laminating or cutting out templates and making resources or taking small groups of children for group time if the staff are busy. If the staff are busy I will do a small job so they can do something more important. I can speak to them with confidence about anything that concerns me. I feel comfortable with the staff and find it comfortable to be around them and work with