Essay Game and Tennis

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Brandon Tress
Mrs. Kaplan
American Literature II
October 11, 2013

What is Tennis?
Tennis is a game that people don’t understand until they play it. Tennis is a great game, a game that challenges your mind in all sorts of ways. Tennis is a great sport. Tennis is a sport where you can meet new people. It is a physical, mental and emotional game, it is fun and exciting. Tennis is the newly resurfaced courts, and a tightly pulled net. Tennis is a fresh can of balls, the smell, and the bright yellow-green color. Tennis is set up in a way that every game gives you an opportunity to show your opponent what you can really do. Every single missed shot helps you learn from your mistakes, whether it's moving your feet differently or the way you swing. Each game is never over; it could be 40-love and you could still come back and win. The match doesn’t have a certain amount of time such as in hockey or football. You win what you need to whether it's a matter of minutes or a matter of days. In no other sport are there different types of surfaces that play a major part. The clay slows the game down and the grass makes the ball skid and speed up. The weather also plays a part, wind or heat. The tennis ball is very light, and wind can push it in any direction. Spin also gives the player something different to expect every shot. Get up and running if he hits slice or stay back for that top spin. Being an individual sport (in most cases), makes it you versus your opponent, reading their shots, figuring out their weaknesses and punishing them. A great tennis player should always be moving, which means he or she must be in shape. Some of the most athletic people play tennis; this sport has the fittest unlike baseball with Prince Fielder or golf with overweight Angel Cabrera. Tennis is a sport