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Game Concept
Hunter is an extremely addictive 2D side scrolling RPG game for an arcade machine, you will face wave after wave of monsters from elder dragons to sabre­toothed monsters before facing the ultimate boss in an attempt to prove yourself a true hunter to your village, this game is different from others because of the vast array of levels to rank through and the endless ability to customize your character from armours to long swords. Background
The stimulus of the game is the project brief; it gave us the information about the target audience of primary school children and the games theme of kaiju.
The visual style in hunter is similar to the browser game “Prince of War”
The combat gameplay will also be similar to prince of war. The system upgrade will be similar to bowmaster prelude.

Hunter is set in a village high up in the Rocky Mountains where you will have to train and prove yourself to your people that you are a true hunter. You will do this by interacting with the village people who will have a quest or a task for you to complete that will almost certainly involve some sort of horribly aggressive monster!
Before you go out on your quest you will need to buy suitable equipment for your quest such as armour and healing items. Once you have done this you will leave your village on an adventure to find your target. Once you have located the monster you will have to use your weapon of choice to slay the…