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Game Day Recycling
Service Learning Project

Environmental Science lab 102-02

Service Learning Project

For my Service learning I choose to participate in our very own game day recycling ran by the University of Idaho’s sustainability center. This project is ran by a Student her name is Alex and she lead the event game day recycling event this Semester. This project was set in place to help our fine University fans to have recycling easily accessible to them at ever tailgate they attended. This project benefits many, the students of the University, the fans, and the recycling center. The students by keeping our campus clean and for giving us an opportunity to learn about this practice. The fans by keeping their tailgating lots clean and “green”. The Recycling center by bring them more waste then would generally be collected at the games.
The University of Idaho has a very good sustainability center that has many community service opportunities easily accessible to the students of U of I. I attended the game day recycling community service date of 11-17-2012 the date of the last home football game for our University and the last game day recycling event at the football tailgates. This project was done through the University of Idaho’s sustainability center. This is run partly by our very own student body. The coordinators name is Darin Saul, Mr. Saul did not attend the event, instead there was a student there who had lead all the tailgate game day recycling event her name was Alex (last name) a student working on this for a project.
Working the tailgate game day recycling event we were asked to dress warm seeing as we would be out doors for the extent of our activity at the game. We started at 11:00 AM where we set up garbage cans indicating there substance to be disposed of in the can (aluminum, plastic, and glass) we set them up by every dumpster in the tailgating lot making it easier for attendees to recycle instead of just throwing there recyclables away. After that we meet back at our main base then we were sent out to all attendees to go hand out bags for recycling and then told them we were with University of Idaho’s game day recycling and if they would like to put recycling in the bag we would come back around collect, sort and recycle there recyclables. After we had talked to every group attending the game we again went back to the main base. After that we made rounds collecting recycling and bringing it back to the home base where students sorted the bags into the correct indicated bins. This site was outside the Kibbie Dome in the tail gating lots. I ended the day with somewhere between 3 and 4 service learning hours.
This project I feel was a success if we had not been there most of the tailgating participants would