Game Related Head Injuries: A Case Study

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Game related head injuries have become a focal point along with a debate for many contact and even non-contact sports. All the different levels and organizations, form Pee Wee to the professional level, are concentrating on the issue of head injuries. The serious nature of these injuries and the consequences from them, when not treated properly, are reason enough to allow for the attention. At the center of the focus and controversy, stands the National Football League (NFL) and the very players the league employs. Though the National Football League (NFL) has faced scrutiny for the deaths of former players, both the NFL as well as current and former players must take responsibility for their part of the ongoing issue of game related head injuries. …show more content…
According to J. Avila, reporter from Good Morning America, Junior Seau sends late text message of love to family hours before committing suicide the next morning (Avila, 2013). Sending a late text message before committing suicide, the last words any family member would receive, will have long lasting effects on the emotional state of his children and other family members Mr. Seau’s brain examined by National Institutes of Health and showed visible signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) (Avila, 2013). CTE hardens and shrinks the brain cells causing severe depression as well as dementia. The development of depression and in some cases dementia from the effects of CTE and the subsequent loss of life from dealing with these effects has a profound effect on the emotional state of