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In my response to Brenda Brathwaite’s Train video, was that the topic that she had given to the listener was very creative and made a lot of sense. One of my favorite parts about her presentation was that Brenda Brathwaite talked about her experienced and wanting to design her own game having to do something with the gamers and how they would be able to learn from the game they play. Not only to aim and shoot or enhance the weapon and defeat the other enemy’s team, but to give the player an understanding way to see how everything works, how goes the concept of the gaming, about the gaming system and how would all these action worked along the way. She might not focus on online games specifically but these games could focus a lot more in the next generation on games designing and new oncoming future games.
I was quiet amaze by how she can show other people different perspective ideas and also having it to relate it with games. I find it interesting how Brenda Brathwaite mentioned in her presentation about her daughter learning about how it happened during The Middle Passage. A reasoning why I find it interesting was because Brenda Brathwaite simply took the ideas of a real historical life, The Middle Passage and simply turning it into a game. Brenda Brathwaite and her daughter used small wooden prototypes representing the African People during The Middle Passage and some small white Note card papers representing as the actual boat itself. It was not only just a game that they made up to amuse both Brenda Brathwaite and her daughter, but to help make Brenda Brathwaite’s daughter to understand a lot more about what actually happened during The Middle Passage. The game The Middle Passage that Brenda Brathwaite created, gave herself a lot more of open ideas about what she can do with games and ways she can do with it by using prototypes. In Brenda’s presentation, she talked about using small wooden prototypes and how she can use it to help her with her gaming designs. This time instead of having it to design it with a computer, Brenda Brathwaite’s designed an actual crafted game model, using those small wooden prototypes representing the Irish People. This idea was to give Brenda Brathwaite a better understanding on what are the purposes of each individual prototypes and how it would matters within the game. Games are a great teaching tool. Taking all of these splendid ideas and turning a High School History class into a game class is also great for students. Not only for an educational purposes and daily life basis, but for other things such as mind relaxation, stress free games and having fun all