Essay on Gaming: Human and Monkey

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Hazeem Ch

Ms. Giordana

HRE 201-A

September 18, 2013

Human Forever?

At the year 1986, Calgary Herald presented a shocking article which was going viral worldwide.

The article was about a small boy that was found in a jungle. That statement wasn't a big deal

after it states that the boy has the behaviour of a monkey such as him jumping from place to

place like a monkey and also his hands were clenched. He even eats grass and anything he finds

and this boy stared a debate whether he is a monkey or a human being.

Referring from the seven traits of human beings put forth by the Catechism of the Catholic

Church I have choosed two traits that would support the ways that Robert indeed is human.

Number one trait chosen is trait number one which say " Human are created in the image and

likeness of God". This trait tells us that God has created us in his own image saying that you can

act like a monkey or a fish but you were created as human and God is inside of you. The second

trait is number four which states "Humans are moral beings" meaning that freedom is what

makes us different from animals and this boy choosed to act like a monkey because he has the

right for freedom.

Also referring from the seven traits of human, I have found some traits supporting that he is not

human. The first trait is number five which stated that " Humans have passwords or feelings"

which we all do. This boy has no feeling to himself or other and would do anything that comes

up his mind. The second trait is number seven which states "Humans are able to sin". This trait

tells us that we can choose to sin or not and do whatever we want. This boy choosed to act like a monkey and does not come at are human