Gandhi: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Gandhi Essay

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GANDHI Mohandas Gandhi was humble man who undoubtedly was the father of the Indian independence movement. Gandhi was a leader, a motivator as well as a guide for the people of his land. He made life altering decisions in order to preserve the rights and justice of his people and he did so in a non violent fashion. In his early years, he had gotten married at the mere age of thirteen and was later sent out to England in order to study law. It was there that he had developed a keen interest for the philosophy of nonviolence as expressed in the Bhagavad-Gita, which was Hindu sacred scripture. Moreover, upon arriving back in India after he completed his studies, he was faced with little success in his attempts to practice law in his country. As a result, he chose to accept a position in South Africa where he assisted on a lawsuit. In the movie, it was evident that Gandhi was thrown off a South African train for being an Indian and traveling in a first class sector. Gandhi realized that the laws were prejudice against Indians and decided to start a non-violent protest campaign for the rights of all Indians in South Africa. After countless arrests and the unwanted attention drawn to him, the government finally relented by recognizing rights for Indians, though not for the native blacks of South Africa. This was the beginning of his many victories in life. Furthermore, when he arrived back in India, he began to fight for India's independence from the British Empire. Gandhi developed a non-violent, non-cooperation campaign that attracted millions of Indians nationwide. There were setbacks, such as violence against the protesters and Gandhi's occasional imprisonment. Nonetheless, the campaign created great attention, and Britain faced intense public pressure. Shortly afterwards, Britain had finally granted India's independence. However, this new independence raised conflict between the Muslims and Hindus and this was when Gandhi declared a hunger strike until the fighting stopped. When the fighting did stop, the country was divided. Gandhi spent his last days attempting to bring peace back into the nations. Unfortunately, he angered many citizens on both sides which resulted in his assassination. This movie was an outstanding depiction of the triumphs as well as the defeats that Gandhi had experienced. I felt as though