Gandhi: Nonviolence and Richard Attenborough Essay

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Raquel Vencovsky da Penha
WR:2 Non­Violent Action
David Cloutier
March 13th, 2015


In a certain moment of the film “Gandhi”, directed by Richard Attenborough, one of the characters says that “ the world is not made of Gandhi’s”. Unfortunately, we have to agree with him. The story of the man who was the leader of India’s independence is by itself beautiful, even showing the cruel reality of the pacifist life. In his mid­twenties, recently graduated from law school but with a idealistic conviction,
Gandhi crosses South Africa and experience on his own skin the racial discrimination.
The humiliating expelling of a train for being indian is the starting point for the audience to start reflecting on their social conscience. Gandhi passes the message that no matter the religion, everyone, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, is equal before God. That’s when his fight for equality starts, and when his impertinence begins to bother the authorities. From his revolutionary attitude comes not only rebelliousness, but also the courage to do what was right. His name starts to show on the media, he is the leader of the word, for the word, for peace and for nonviolence, and his fight proves to be a long and arduous road, but with full awareness that it was the right thing for the people. Another important point is the simplicity but brilliant performance of Ben Kingsley as
Gandhi. The power of his performance consists in a look, in