Gang Affiliation: What's Wrong With Society Today

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Gang Affiliation is what’s wrong with Society Today!
“What you doin’ walkin’ ‘round here lookin’ like that”, said Marcus. He is one of many people who like to be considered a gangster, or a gang banger. “I would advise you to walk a little faster than that, you don’t want to be ‘round nobody like me”, said another gang banger by the name of Derrick Bister. There is another gang member by the name of Slick. He became a gang banger through one of his family members. Slick is one of many who carry a handgun around for safety issues. Research shows that gangs are very violent and active around the world! Gangs are active all around the world, and when I say active I mean violent wise. There can be any amount of people in a gang, and there usually is. Gang violence usually leads up to prison, or even worse death. Being in a gang or gang affiliated usually means you happen to know someone in a gang or you are in with those gang members, meaning you are a gang member. Gangs are even more active in federal prison, because there are so many gangs in prison.
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There are as many as 75 people in a gang, and there can be more. There are plenty more gangs in Federal Prison that come up to about 1.4 million. Federal Prisons are trying to stop the gang violence, but they can’t do too much about it because they are so big in numbers. The gangs , and gang violence start outside of prison, and expands into prison. The violence is just as bad in prison as it is in the street. There is nothing the guards can do about their behavior, because of how many of the gang members there