Gang and Abbas Essay

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The forest was heavy with dew and the lifeless trees were motionless. Everything had withered and died. It was almost as if it knew they were coming. The sound of the wind howling through the lifeless trees overpowered the sound of the explosive thunderstorm. The clouds, the dark murky clouds followed them and eventually it released its burden in the form of polluted, dark droplets of water. Soon it began to drizzle. The droplets of water prickled their skin and only added to their frustration and discomfort. “Once I find that Old dog Watch what I do aye” roared Sancho. “Yeah for sure Homie” assured Abbas nervously.
Sancho was a tall tanned Mexican who had hands of a brick layer with sturdy long fingers and was as solid and brawny a man could possibly be. He had tattoos on his head and feet and everything in between. He had a number of arduous and inconsequential scars on his face that came from 15 years spent in the gang warfare. Sancho was only concerned with 2 things in life: wealth and respect and nothing else mattered to him in contrast to Abbas who was a short insecure teenager with bright, dark eyes and satiny brown skin and had long hair wafted around him like black smoke, he was of Indian origin who valued friendship and loyalty as being the most important thing In life. Abbas was a rookie and joined the gang just recently. He had been requesting Sancho to let him join his gang for 2 months and finally today was his chance to prove himself.
Sancho and Abbas had been in the forest searching for over 2 hours now still no sign of Marko. Marko was a former gang member who had left the gang after 10 years and became a police informer and was giving information regarding the gang members and had been living in the isolated forest for couple of weeks now hiding from Sancho. “How can you be so sure he is here” whispered Abbas anxiously with a disturbed look on his face. Sancho didn’t reply. “There! I see the old dog. Go get him Abbas!” cried Sancho as he pointed towards him.
Abbas dashed towards him and dived on him like a lion does to its prey. Sancho came running from the back and kicked Marko’s ball like head with all the might in is body. “How dare you betray Sancho?” roared Sancho furiously and whispered to Abbas “Finish him off Essei”. Abbas took out the shiny golden Magnum pointed it towards Marko’s bruised head and muttered to himself “now is my chance, I can do this”. Abbas was now quivering like a fish out of water. His brown sweaty fingers were on the trigger but he couldn’t get them to pull the trigger. “Hurry up ya wimp” shouted Sancho making Abbas eve more nervous than before. “I c-c-can’t d-do this” stammered Abbas. “Oh! You’re a wimp esse. I should have known you were all talk. Typical Indian, what was I thinking letting you join my gang!”

Hearing Sancho Abbas gripped the Golden magnum with both hands, shut his eyes and pulled the trigger desperately. “BANG!” Marko’s head had been shattered and covered in blood. Abbas opened his eyes and wiped the warm blood splashes off his face with his navy blue shirt. He looked back at Sancho who had an evil grin on his face and said “Just because I am Indian, it doesn’t make me any less of a man than you are or a wimp. Ever since high school people underestimated me because I’m Indian so I never had any group of people I could call my friends or “homies” like you can and today I definitely wasn’t going to lose that chance Sancho.” Sancho didn’t really respond to that in a way Abbas was expecting he said nothing but replied “Consider Yourself, One of us.” With a neutral face and slowly walked off.

The next morning Abbas arrived at the gang house to meet the other fellow gang members. He was expecting everyone to be happy and welcome him however once he got in the house it was as silent as death. None of the gang members were neither happy or nor upset rather unnoticed of his arrival almost as if Abbas was a ghost. “Abbas There you are” cried Sancho as he