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Youth Gang Violence Brian Wheeler Cm220

Each year, gang-related conflict leads to numerous, preventable deaths of young people in some of the largest U.S. cities. However, there aren’t many surveillance systems that collect the kind of detailed data researchers need, in order to better understand what gang homicide prevention efforts would work best. In today’s society there has been a rise in youth gang violence. I find this a very important issue because I have had a family member that is now serving a ten year sentence due to you gang violence. I also had a friend who at the age of 13 lost his life. The reason why was he was mistaken as a local gang member. If it wasn’t for gang violence and youth trying to fit in such settings my friend may be here today. There was no reason other than the color of the clothes he was wearing for his death. So the problem I find that is in today’s society is youth gang violence. The reason youth violence needs to come to an end is today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. The way this issue can be resolved is having after school programs that instill values that teach our youth how to deal with life. This program will be called D.E.A.L. or drop everything and learn. This program with help with everything from homework to dealing with problems outside school. This program will have positive role models that will teach proper sportsmanship and rules of sports. Helping the youth with homework and instilling these positive and productive values will teach youth the importance of not turning to the streets. Commitment to school is the second proposed protective factor that has been found to buffer the risk of youth violence. Young people who are committed to school have embraced the goals and values of an influential social institution. Such young people are unlikely to engage in violence, both because it is incompatible with their orientation and because it would jeopardize their achievement in school and their standing with adults. This proposed factor is included because it appears to buffer the risk of violence, not because it is the opposite of poor attitude toward or performance in school, a risk factor with small effect sizes in both childhood and adolescence. School can give adolescents who face multiple risk factors a place in which to excel socially and academically. Achievement in school and the approval of teachers provide the recognition so important to adolescent development recognition some adolescents do not receive from other sources. Encouragement from teachers can give young people the confidence to seek continued educational or job skills training. In addition, schools with peer groups that value academic achievement may lower students' risk of becoming involved in violence.

I will use the D.E.A.L. program to help fight the problem with gang violence as stated before. I will use new student orientations, open house, and other city outreach programs to purpose my idea to the community. This program will be funded by each school districts tax payers. For example there will be a city tax on every pay check where a portion of that goes to funding this program. I also believe the community has the right to vote on this. As I know I will have people who don’t have the same views on this as I do. I will also purpose fundraiser ideas that can be done. Although I hope to inform of everyone on this issue and get them to understand how important this issue is. Also that studies show when youth have activities to take up their time they are less likely to get involved with any type of crime. This program will instill values that they can use not only as youth but also as adults. Extracurricular activities in art, music, drama, school publications, and the like give adolescents an opportunity to participate in constructive group activities and achieve recognition for their efforts.