Gang V. Clubs Essay

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Gang v. Clubs

People have a chose of choosing a word to describe a group of young children. This can either be from a positive viewpoint or an negative one. Gangs and clubs are a pair of words that are closely related, but are total opposites in meaning. Gangs are a group of boys or girls who associate closely with one another exclusively, for social reasons, especially a group who engages in criminal behavior. In other words, a gang is a group of future prison inmates. Gang members put off this tough guy persona to scare not only people, but rival gangs also. Gangs can be found in rural and urban communities, schools, and many places of work. The word “gang” is most commonly used within schools, prisons, and usually refers to inner city delinquents. They are automatically labeled under: drug dealers, thieves, liars and murders; even if they have never acted out any of these unlawful activities. They are not only known to distribute drugs, but are also accused of doing drugs: from smoking marijuana and cigarettes to doing heroin and crack. Since they have poor work ethic, they are unable to keep a job. In schools, gang members are considered below average students and potential drop-outs. Citizens considers them the trouble makers of the communities and the reason for high crime rates. Many people say they only choices gang members have in this world is prison or death. (1 sentence) On the other hand, a club is a group of young talented children who are interested in a particular activity: from sports to religion to academics. Clubs usually refers to young