Essay on Ganges and River Ganges River

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RIVER DOLFIN | A stocky freshwater dolphin, characterised by a long beak containing large, visible teeth. Like most river dolphins, this species has little need for vision in the muddy waters it inhabits, and as a result has tiny, non-functional eyes that lack lenses. Individuals use echolocation to detect food and navigate, and – to a very small extent – for communication. The species lives in one of the most densely populated areas of the world. It is threatened primarily by the damming of rivers for irrigation and electricity generation, which degrades habitat, isolates populations and prevents seasonal migration. Concerted conservation action is needed if this species is to survive. | | | MONKEY

Description of physical features along the river meander/waterfall

Normally meanders occur because of very gentle slope of countryside in which the river flows and due to the heavy load of silt carried by it. East of Kanpur to Farakka (where it splits into Hooghly, its major distributary and Padma the main course of the river), there is lot of meandering. After the confluences with Gomti, gandak on left and Sone on right, between Chapra and the vicinity of Patna, the silt added increased many times. The bend to right at Munger is due to Rajgirh hills. Many old meanders resulted in ox-bow lakes which were