Gangster: United States and Carlo Pablo Gambino Essay

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Supreme Court the highest model of justice in the United States, the destiny of the human race depended on the shoulders of few by letting the criminals free on the streets or by capturing them and sending them to hell. But today wasn’t just another day at this temple of justice where the judges and jury being the gods decide what punishment that should be given to the demons, today was the day where the Gods themselves very scared of the demon. Today amongst the court stood a man that was probably the most wanted criminal in the history of United States and was also the Godfather of the biggest criminal crime family in this country. Gambino .
Even Zeus himself was scared of him was it the crowd outside that screamed “GAMBINO” or was the riots on the street that was caused after his arrest or was it his presence nobody knows. The judge stammered while taking a sip from his glass of water and announcing next case please because he also knew what came up next was probably the last case he would have taken in his hand but with all the courage he could gather he announced “Please present Mr. Gambino in front of this court”. There was a moment of silence in the court as the man who rules the streets and the heart of the poor walked in with the shackles on his hands and also tears rolled down the partially burnt cheek of the girl who was in the crowd and deep within she knew his sacrifice for him. “Today the court has summoned you Mr. Gambino as being the prime suspects for a murder of two men that alleged to have raped and burnt a woman”.
The man looked up and stared at the judge whose face suddenly turned pale and started to sweat from his forehead. The man’s dark brown eyes were the mirror of