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GAP What Went Wrong?
I believe there were several things that went wrong with the Gap logo change. I don’t think Gap had an effective launch strategy or plan if there was a negative reaction to the introduction of the new logo. Many times an initial negative reaction may not be a bad thing but because they were not prepared they within 96 hours of the original launch had retracted the new logo. In addition, they approached the launch without any advance notice or communication. It was a complete surprise to customers and there was nothing available to explain the new logo or the reason for changing. I believe the biggest reason it wasn’t effective reaching its marketing group was the use of Helvetica. Gap is trying to be known as a hip designer brand but Helvetica is perceived as a bland ancient choice. This style was popular in the 60s and 70s and his associated more with the stiff corporate identity then hip and stylish. Gap should have surveyed its market and possible done more research on what a designer label should look like. They should also have properly developed and communicated a plan to change and introduce a new logo. Communication is the key factor in that was what I feel they messed up the most. I feel that my brand is a leader. I feel that I demonstrate an ability to lead both in my career and in my personal life. I focus my energy on the task at hand while also taking into account the big picture. I feel like I approach issues intuitively and…