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Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences provides a different way on how to comprehend intelligence. During his research, he came to the conclusion, that human beings use various parts of their brain for different intelligences. In his theory he refers to the impossibility of measuring a person’s intelligence by a standard IQ test, since it only measures logical-mathematical intelligence and linguistic intelligence instead of the seven intelligences. Gardner theory presents a new perspective to educators to use new teaching strategies for their students. The result of his studies might also provide people with a different view of the result of an Intelligence Quotient test and evaluate their mainly used intelligences, which can benefit their ways of study. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences is based on seven intelligences which consist of the logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, musical, body-kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal intelligence. The logical-mathematical intelligence consists of the ability to work well with numbers, think logically, recognize patterns, and solve complex problems. Individuals using this kind of intelligence tend to think critically and solve problems in a logic, mathematical or scientific way. Linguistic intelligence is mostly seen among poets, writers, and individuals that are skilled using their language to express themselves in a written or a rhetoric form. People that learn languages with ease are also gifted with this kind of intelligence. Spatial intelligence is considered an intelligence that uses images to solve problems. Individuals who have a strong spatial intelligence are able to create 3-D images in their mind and think by visualizing the problem. Many engineers, architects, painters, and designers have a highly developed spatial intelligence. The spatial intelligence is also used while driving a car, for example to determine distances between objects. Musical intelligence is seen among singers, dancers, composers, and people that can play a musical instrument. Musical intelligence is used when remembering a melody, playing an instrument or just tapping a foot in