Gardner and Zigler Essay

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Gardner and Zigler Steven J. Karaiskos Northcentral University 5101-8 Foundations for Graduate Study in Psychology Alycia Harris March 02, 2013

GARDNER AND ZIGLER Gardner and Zigler


Howard Gardner and Edward Zigler are two influential psychologists who have altered the profession of psychology as well as provided new direction in such areas as early childhood development, education and even politics. Each, through their personal and professional paths, helped to establish a new foundation on which psychology stands today. Howard Gardner did not believe that psychology was going to be his profession. He considered becoming a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher (Gardner, 2003, p.79). His
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Their work truly covers all aspects of the continuum of learning. Zigler established early childhood learning as an integral part of our education system. Gardner continued with his work around multiple intelligences which grew into a deeper understanding of learning across all educational disciplines. Zigler took his knowledge base to Washington D.C. in a truly active and powerful role of establishing organizations to continue his work. Gardner kept closer to

GARDNER AND ZIGLER academia but shared his knowledge base through his many books on these topics as well as lectures. Each of these individuals has greatly impacted the field of psychology. Gardner and Zigler both, from childhood, had a deep professional scientific urge to study and research in this area. Once there, their individual personal theories pushed them to see beyond just the scientific. For Gardner, this meant the inclusion of the creative mind. Studying the creative,


artistic and extraordinary individuals in our society, Gardner established his key work of multiple intelligences. For Zigler, he took his deep scientific analysis and was able to apply it to help the poor and the mentally retarded. Personally and professionally, Zigler was able to take his work

to a larger audience and provide early childhood education to millions of children. The success of both Gardner and Zigler was greatly influenced by a time in our society where